Message API

Mobile messaging is the communication language of world today. It makes sense to use it for business communication and get customers engaged with you in more immersive manner. Get free api from us and integrate it with web , accounts , HR for ironing out any communication hitches you may be facing until now. Send excel sheets, pdf, images in notifications. Give your communication more power and make it productive for your company.

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Message API


Integrate with CRM/ERP/Existing System

With the Messaging Integration API available, you can integrate Messaging with any of your existing system. This ensures a tight and seamless integration with your current system and higher adoption. Messaging Business Integration & Automation is possible with this API.

Integrate With Accounting Softwares and Send Invoices Too

This Messaging API can be easily integrated with accounting software like Tally. With Tally Messaging integration you can instantly send invoices to your customer through Tally as Messaging Automation.

Reminder Message on Messaging

With this API for Messaging Integration you can also push reminder message to your customers. Reminding them of their appointment ensures higher productivity and efficiency of your systems.

Happy and Loyal Customers

Your customers will like to hear from you on Messaging. With transactional & status update alerts provided on Messaging the customers would want to be loyal with you. This is sure to make your brand more noticeable.

Can push transaction and status updates on Messaging

Messaging Integration with your system offers you to push Transaction and Status updates to your customers on Messaging easily. Messaging Business automation is the Future.

Can Send Images Too

With this Messaging API you can send Images to on Messaging. These images can be your product catalog or just a timely birthday wishes. A reliable Messaging automation can be acheived.


No Approval

You don't have to take endorsement or hold back to begin

Use Existing Number

No compelling reason to change your current business number.

Go Live in 6 Hours

You can finish the integration and go live inside 6 hours.


You can use it to send automated messages from chat apps.

Create an account here and use complimentary credits to send messages.

A good quality mobile phone device, a working number and 4G internet.

Yes, If you buy our monthly subscription plan only. Other plans do not support.

Message sending limit per day are subject to the plan you purchase. It varies from 500-1000 messages in a day

You can send files in JPG, PNG, PDF, dot.ogg and IO & emojis.

You can send links of video files.

You can send text or files separately as 2 separate messages.

Yes you can, depending on the plan you purchase from us.

Only one device (One Number) can be linked at a time.

You will be allowed to change to a new number and continue with your plan.

No, We have no refund policy.

No, It’s included in the plan.